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Work in Secondlife

Second Life as other MMORPG you have to have the ability to get a job, or at least survive in Second Life but not as usual MMORPG, in Second Life you have to try to get the job of your ability the more real. So there is absolutely no other way to make it an "instant" to be rich and have everything in Second Life, so you have to put all your skills in Second Life to be successful.

Some types of work that can you wrestled.

1. Work that does not require a specific capability.
Is a form of work that does not require the skills / abilities learned in a particular school or college, so that the capital looks and little ability maak you can work, but this type of work a little and are paid a salary that is minimal.
Dancer (Dancer)
This type of work is intended for those who want to have fun in the nightclub without pay, a task they only dance and invite others to visit their night club, and make them fun.

There are three ways to get a job to be a dancer.
a. You can visit the forums and get an immediate offer of some people.
b. Some clubs are sometimes hold special events offered to some people to get involved.
c. Go to the club and met the owner of the club, and you immediately ask him.

Some Klum pay on a monthly basis, some are paid in accordance several events per week. some are paid directly after the party and some are paid directly (in the club stripping)

This type of work is the same as the model becoming a dancer but offer very little in Second Life was tergantug of your great name in the fashion world, if they like you they will be contacted and contracted you to get involved in their agency, as in the real world, many parents famous people who will come in the show. To become professional models is not only beautiful or cool avatars that you should have but you have to make your avatar as attractive as possible. And hang out as much as possible with people who have a network there.

Lately, this work becomes necessary because they serve as a good pengikaln than artificial animation be able to make people become bored. The task in this job is just to greet every visitor who comes to the store / outlet and answer every need of the customer.
You can do some agreements simultaneously with multiple stores so you have more advantages.

Guard / Security Guard
With more and more people living on the grid, the more is also an issue that arises, some people love to spoil an activity or performance to the detriment of the parties concerned and the task of security is simply to ensure that the activities carried out is not compromised and if known, sure that they leave the event without flaw.

Getting to know Secondlife

Second Life is a three-dimensional simulation of the internet that would allow a user or users create a new life in a virtual suit individual imagination. As can be read when clicking on the main page of the website Second Life Your World Your Imagination.

Can Start a New Life with Ease

Figure and the background image on the main page of the site virtual Second Life who speak English are always changing. Female figures such as Lara Croft in Tomb Raider story, inviting enough interest to enter this unique world. Not surprisingly, since it was launched four years ago, has about 4 million users or users of Second Life. In the past two months alone, nearly 1.5 million new registrants. Anyone can directly enter the virtual life immediately after completing the registration formalities are free. And for the new occupants SL or Second Life pretty much offer assistance through a variety of learning programs, which mainly through the Help Radio.

"Here, Michael Linden who will give technical assistance during the game."

And you still will get acquainted with other family members Linden. Philipp, Cathrin and more, virtually of course. Because Second Life is a virtual computer game developed by the company Linden Lab. A company based in San Francisco in the United States.

Being of Others

The newcomers and new residents of this virtual life must first learn many things. Not only how the movement figures in Second Life, but especially how they change the zoom. Maybe there who want to look in a slim figure, sporty, beautiful and sexy. Or appear as a kung fu master with frizzy hair? Not only limited to the physical form, but also the life that only appeared in a dream, it can become a reality in the virtual world. In Second Life each person can buy or build a house, can occupy the coveted job position. Opportunity to realize the dream of a virtual life. This is the unique charm of Second Life, such as social psychologist said Winfried Kaminski.

"I think, appeared as another character is the most significant role in this digital game semuan. Game with himself, trying to act as another character, I want to be someone else, which is a fundamental requirement, where satisfaction to meet these needs through traditional media such as radio and television are limited. "

Without Money, Not Running

However, Second Life not only includes unlimited freedom and the possibility of doing all the things to be desired. The residents of Second Life also quickly realized that without money nothing is functioning, as well as in real life. In the Second Life virtual life there are also shops and services. And all this must be paid. The company Linden Lab itself of course want to earn money, although it sounds very smooth in the Help-Radio

"Here Cathrin Linden again, inform you about the premium dues and dues base."

However, for those who just want to try Second Life is free of charge. But members who pay dues will receive a number of special facilities. And a basic fee of 10 dollars per month enough for a little amuse themselves.

Make event

The residents of Second Life fond of conversing known Help Radio and explain how chipped in Chat. And it's not a difficult thing. Wherever people can walk there would be a person who greets. In the view of consultants pair Michael Mary, the internet in general, the greater role to find friends and even spouses.

"I say, I find the traditionally more limited acquaintance. In general, the social relations in the society increasingly tenuous. And over the internet of course an easy opportunity to make contact. "

The atmosphere is always fun is on the party. In the Music House is always there day and night party. Where people can dance. Nonetheless basic steps and movements of virtual figure looks very stiff. But the number of occupants couples can dance gracefully. It seems that people have to visit before you can join the dance school dance. And how Linden Dollars dance lessons cost?

Just Business?

If the thought further, Second Life is truly a paradise of freedom or consumption in the form of a new terror? Is everything in Second Life just about business? Who wants to really have a home in Second Life, for example, can buy land, build a beautiful home that cost in real life is not affordable. Although it is owned land purchased virtual, but the money spent is really real. Because to have Linden Dollars, you should buy from Linden Lab with money via credit card. To 1 US Dollar you will get about 270 Linden Dollars. But this can change the exchange rate, on demand and supply. About this social psychologist Winfried Kaminski argues:

"If the game is once again regarding the dimensions of the market and involving game money, will also include money and the power of money. From the side I tend to doubt, whether motto who has the money has the power does not apply here. The old adage seems not far wrong. "

Money earned in Second Life, Linden Dollars, can you exchange back to the US Dollar at Linden Lab. To get Linden Dollars you can also work in the employer or sell services in the virtual world Second Life.

Quite understandable if Second Life becomes a means to make money. Especially for the Linden Lab. Due to guarantee the life of this virtual world and its new occupants quickly feel at ease and comfortable, all it has a price.

How to earn money in Secondlife

If you are in Second Life, and you want to make some lindens, but you are not sure where to go to look or what to do to earn virtual cash that are scattered everywhere.

Good news for you is that you find this article!

Second Life is not like other MMORPGs out there. You can not go out and kill bats and rats to earn income as you know in other popular online games. However, there are several options to make money so you can buy clothes or anything else that you want!

One way that you can earn money is to host the event for a place that you set up. The type of activity that you can carry varies greatly depending on the type of business where the event was held. Some types of events that need to be made are theme parties, fashion shows, competitions, poetry readings, storytelling, class "How", and various types of meetings. You can usually find people who hire for work in the classified section on the tab "search feature work". People who ask you memmimpin event will pay you a $ 250 L - $ 1,500 L per hour usually including tip.

Do you like music? Have you ever thought about becoming a DJ? Well, in Second Life there is a huge demand for a DJ. It does not matter if you are not too proficient in the real world, there are similar minded people who will need your services. DJ'ing could be a very nice job at the same time an easy way to meet lots of great people. The best way to rent is to advertise yourself under employment as a DJ and list the types of music that you can play. You also can find a lot of good tutorials out there on the web that will teach you how to make the music flow. You will be paid about $ 1,500 L - $ 3,000 L per event plus tip.

While were on the subject of music you may also be considering life become entertainers. If you can play an instrument or sing, or both, you can earn a great income in Second Life. Many musicians and singers will also promote them to the world record sales through Second Life. This is the best way to increase the fan base and make a lot of money! The advantage of about $ 3000 L - $ 5,000 L per event plus tip.

Another idea is to become a salesman for a shop. This is very similar to what you see in real life at the department store, the advantages of virtual stores are a salesperson will ask visitors or customers if they need help finding anything and will answer customer questions about the store and its products. You will see the stores usually employ for this line at the job or sometimes in looking at the Second Life forums you will be paid approximately $ L50- $ L300 per hour. Most stores will also offer free items from the store as a bonus.

Another way is to become a dancer or model. You can easily do both of these things together if you want. The club needs a lot of visitors to stay popular and a dancer is a good way to attract people and keep them there. It is also a good way to be seen and hired as a model for one of the clothing stores. You will want to place a classified ad in the employment section which will cost you $ L50 lindens so that employers can find you in that way. Sometimes there is also a section menddaftar jobs in the classifieds or on the forums. With revenues of approximately $ 50 L - $ 300 L per hour plus tips and free clothes. There are many other possibilities out there, but so far the best way to make money is by creating and selling their own goods. You can become a builder, a clothing designer, offer a service like virtual wedding set-up with ceremony, really there are endless opportunities. If you are interested in a more serious way to make a lot of money. Lots of tutorials and useful information on the web that you can use as their branch offices in Second Life. Whatever it is you who decide to do in Second Life I wish you the best of luck and I hope to meet you in Second Life.

Tips & Warnings

1. Start by looking for jobs in the Employment posts

2. Place your own ad to get attention or even more exposed to the boss or those who intend to employ yourself.

3. Consider starting your own virtual business.

4. Do not pay others to accept you.

5. Never give your account password to anyone.

6. Do not accept items that request payment unless you know they are safe.

7. Be wary of anything or anyone who asks for your personal information.

Christian Island in Secondlife

You already know about Second Life? Virtual world into 'life' both for its users. In Second Life, you can become the person you want. Forming the characters themselves, 'dress her' own, own their own homes, have their own jobs, and so on. Just like the game The Sims, Second Life difference as online gaming and has its own currency so that transactions that exist between each character really real. No wonder really 'lives' second.

In Second Life itself many reputable vendors that has its virtual shop here, even the church has been built! Now in the 'life' of this second The Churches Advertising Network (CAN) had been building a Christian island here. In Christian 'island' is 'people' can learn about the Christian faith.

The Churches Advertising Network uses radio and posters with the slogan "Want a Second Go at Life?" to invite people visit the 'island' in Second Life, a virtual world where they can interact with people and discuss spiritual issues. The theme of this advertising campaign is a second chance.

CAN chairman, Francis Goodwin said: "We think Second Life will work well with this campaign as an excellent fit with the theme of 'second chance."

"We are now in a new wave of interactive technology and we are trying to reach people who have never previously affordable. Second Life is a technology trend at the moment and we want to engage in it."

Yes, indeed this is an opportunity for evangelism in a new way. In a way that is relevant to the era of information technology is growing rapidly as it is today. Sadly, Indonesia was not able to join the virtual world Second Life. Mainly because of two things consideration, bandwidth and payment online. But someday, when Indonesia can enter Second Life. It will be a highly interactive way for evangelism for Indonesia.

Business Opportunity in Secondlife

There is a million dollars in virtual world.

Secondlife is virtual world in which users live their second life as avatars. A 3D virtual world where people use avatars to explore and commune with other people.
If you think this virtual world such online games as World of Warcraft or Star Wars Galaxies (which insiders refer to as massively multiplayer online role playing games or MMORPGs ), you're totally wrong.

It's not an easy concept that's wrap around, but in November, Anshe Chung accomplished virtual real-estate developer in the 3D virtual world Second Life .
The question spread like wildfire when her entrepreneurial success story hit the press: What exactly are the business opportunities available in Second Life? Are people really turning their love for Second Life into a full-time business?

Marketers have already been exploring the world, with big-name businesses like American Apparel, Starwood Hotels, Scion and Cisco setting up virtual areas for their products--a store for American Apparel, a hotel for Starwood--in Second Life. Even Reuters has assigned a bureau chief specifically to the site.
In December, Linden Labs reported there were more than 2.3 million Second Life "residents" (avatars that people have created), and that number seems likely to continue to rise.

On the Second Life website, the company lists the following businesses as some real examples of in-world enterprises run by residents:
  • Party and wedding planner
  • Pet manufacturer
  • Tattooist
  • Automotive manufacturer
  • Fashion designer
  • Custom avatar designer
  • Jewelry maker
  • Architect
  • XML coder
  • Freelance scripter
  • Game developer
  • Tour guide
  • Real estate speculator
  • Publicist

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